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"Onomatopea has talent which defies any one musical genre [...] Gorgeous!"


The Sentimentalist



"The prevailing atmosphere of Onomatopea's self-produced debut is one of inspiration and a search for inner truth [...] Experimentation granted, this is a happy, accessible music full of warmth and serenity with more than enough substance to satisfy the most discerning listener."


Peter Kearns - Sorted Magazine  


"Pietropaolo and Lyn make an elegant combination of jazz, fusion, pop, and world sounds. Lyn is a songbird in the mold of Flora Purim; she has the voice of an angel [...] While they both play several instruments, it is Andy’s bass that leads the way for everything else that is so perfectly balanced in the layers of musical paradise that they create"


Keith Hannaleck - Jazz Review (read the review)



"Onomatopea sounds to me like a darker side of Jazz, in a very unique way. It seems to especially come out in the song Dreaming [...] There is a lot of talent put into this album, I give this band an excellent rating for creating an amazing album."


RAD Cyberzine (volume 11 issue A)



"Hi Andy,

your cd arrived the day before I left to go on tour in the U.S. and I have to say that I really like it a lot, in a lot of different ways.

You are both of course extremely talented musicians and I can see where you're heading with your music. It's exciting to see what can come next as you guys develop more of your own concepts. Nice moods, atmospheres, grooves, lyrics. And on top of that the quality is amazingly clear. I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way but I'm really proud of you both for having the patience, courage and insight to develop your own music on your own terms. All I can say is...KEEP PRODUCING!!! It's the only thing we can do at the moment and I'm 100% positive that it will all pay off in the long run, because the music is real and it's positive."


Matthew Garrison - bassist, solo artist



"Andy, you are a great player and I hope more people get a chance to hear you and your music. Keep up the good work."


Lucas Pickford - bassist, solo artist



"There is something very enticing in their music. It’s romantic, without getting overly sentimental; thoughtful yet ethereal, mystical yet grounded on Earth"


Jeff Fitzgerald - Aural Innovations (read the review)



"here are talented musicians who are not signed to a major record label, but have proved that they can produce interesting, original and inspiring music compared to bigger artists who often fall into a rut after a short spell. The likes of Onomatopea are, believe it or not, the future of music."


EDF - Phase9.net Magazine (read the review)



"Andy, I listened to the whole disc. Cool vibe. Nice sound and very nice production. I hear what your going for and I hope it's well received in that market. Your playing is solid, nice tone & groove." 


Anthony Vitti - bass teacher at Berklee College of Music


"Andy, you are a great player and I hope more people get a chance to hear you and your music. Keep up the good work."

Lucas Pickford - bassist, solo artist



"Onomatopea is a full spectrum musical journey that caresses the listener’s ears and takes them by the hand in a world of carefully produced sounds, wandering, colored resonances, sometimes toned down, other times almost acidic in search of a world free from geographical and political barriers with a vision of communication on a personal level, that is at the same time global.

Therefore, the musical exploration proceeds in various directions; Onomatopea is a cd of songs, but the songs are not experienced as a limit. The songs are simply an added bonus to quality music that can be distinguished by it’s clarity and refinement.

From the drum ‘n’ bass ambience of TIMELESS MOMENT to the captivating cool jazz spaciousness of INFINITE BURNING; from the acid jazz of YOU’RE SO WILD to the African frontiers of DREAMING ABOUT YOU, Onomatopea wraps  ever changing sensations and fragrances around you with the voice of Delia Lyn, now sweet and sensual, now edgy and aggressive, and the carefully selected sounds of Andrea Pietropaolo.

The programming work is very accurate and rhythmically developed, and the  magical vocal harmonies are definitely a winner.

Onomatopea is also the work of a “colleague” bass player…

It’s useless trying to hide that I am particularly excited by productions where the bass knows how to be a discrete rhythmic pillar as well as an attractive soloist.  Andrea has found a sound that is smooth and hot from his sensitive touch; the lines are often extremely well done (INFINITE BURNING)  and the solos are beautifully packaged with love and taste. The  dreamy caresses of the solo on DREAMING should be a good enough example for anyone….

The cd sounds good and the tune sequence is well balanced, the end of the journey always seems to leave you wanting to take off again….."


Mario Rivera - bassist with Agricantus, producer



"This is a really cool recording...and check the singer out!"


Prince Faster - dj Radio Rock, Rome



"VERY excellent!!

It's EXACTLY the kind of *true-indie-quality-music* that I LOVE to present at my shows!!"


Lord Litter - radio dj



"Hi Andy,


Like I told you on the phone, I like the CD a lot.  The relaxed mood of the songs and the quality of the recording struck me right away.  I like the synergy between the bass and the voice,  I find it harmonious and interesting. The arrangements are great too. There are a lot of sections with different textures that give it a sense of overall movement.  There is a lot to absorb on the first listening.  It’s a CD that grows on you as its uniqueness becomes familiar with each progressive listening.  On top of that I’d like to compliment your bass playing, and please give my compliments to Delia, who besides singing very well, has a wonderful voice!


Best wishes and keep up the good work." 


Umberto Mari - bassist, bass maker